Sunday, December 13, 2009

First week @ Delhi and Srijan

Saturday, 12th December 2009 - 3:42 PM
It has been exactly one week that I've been in Delhi.

Last Sunday, the 6th, the Howrah-New Delhi, Rajdhani Express arrived at the New Delhi station at 10AM. I had two bags and one backpack with me. These were the same two luggages I had taken to Pune, last year. Out of these, one was the suitcase I had lost last week. My mind was going back in time, when I first came to Pune. Some things were so similar about that time and now. But some were so different. The exact reason for being their at that place were so different now.

With the help of a coolie, I took my luggages and went to the auto-stand. From there I boarded an auto-rickshaw and went for my destination, Kingsway Camp, the Metro station in front of it. Later I came to know that this Metro Station was actually called GTB Nagar. I had got off the auto-rickshaw, and was waiting for Ashish to arrive there. While waiting for him, I took out my cell-phone, and was checking out my mailboxes for any new mails. I have already started believing in one thing. Good things only happen to you when you least expect them. Using the word 'good' is or isn't exactly appropriate, I don't know. But I can certainly call it 'unexpected'. hee hee... :D
I had got a reply of the mail I had sent earlier. Some small things like these can make people like me so happy...

At the first day of our office, all three us, me, Ashish and Chhavi were expecting to get assigned to some Drupal projects. But we were offered three different techologies to choose from ourselves. After doing some research on each of those things, we finally announced what we were going for at the end of the day to Vivek. I myself went for the Python based on-the-rise open-source web development framework Django. Ashish went for the Php based Typo3 CMS, which was my second preference at that moment. And Chhavi went for the Php based Drupal CMS. We were introduced to each of our Team Leaders, and mine was Gora.

I've been studying Python and the Django framework since then. My TL even gave me a previously unfinished project to work on and develop my knowledge, as I go through it. Thats what I have been doing now-a-days, learning things as I go by it.

I like the office pretty much. Its not like a large and huge company one dreams to get to. But it is small company where one would love to stay for a long time.
The whole environment, the people, and way things work all seems so nice and friendly.

Overall, it has been a pretty different kind of week in my life. But that was something quite expected. Lets see what comes up next...

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