Sunday, February 21, 2010

Who needs a comb

Got my first haircut in Delhi today. Had my last haircut in Pune, September 2009. In fact, that was my first and last haircut in Pune, until this day.

Me, 2 hours before:

Me, now:

Moral: Whatever happens to your hair, keep smiling!! :) hahaha..! :D

Coming out of hibernation

This blog of mine has experienced some unexpected visitors ever since I had started to reuse it properly. As a direct result of it, I had realized, that I wasn't always able to write it the way I wanted to. But still, I went on. But after my last post, I really wasn't expecting these many "unexpected" readers. Honestly, I can't even deny that I didn't really wanted it to happen. But yes, I wasn't expecting it to happen.
Anyway, that was the main reason I had stopped writing it since then.

But now, I think the time has finally come, to continue what I had started.

P.S. Of-course, with the filtering on this time. :)