Monday, November 30, 2009

Days, too much eventful

Monday, 30th November 2009 - 4:14 AM
For the past few days too much is happening.

Firstly, my dissertation was over on 27th. It was pretty good. And I think Acharya Sir wasn't to displeased with it either.
It also meant that my third semester was officially over, and I was free to leave the college for the time being.

Secondly, now that I'm talking about leaving Pune, this turned out to be really interesting and too much of 'eventful' to say the least.
It all started with me buying out a wrong flight ticket for the 3rd time in a row, in the last 1 and 1/2 months. This time it was really a bigger blunder. I wanted to buy ticket for 29th November, but instead I bought for 29th December! What a mess!! :( And not to mention the embarrassment!!
Then, I thought about getting railway ticket for 29th Nov. I had the option of buying it through a travel agent, but no, I had to buy it myself. I had to buy it 2 days before my actual date of journey, as per the tatkal rules nowadays. Now, I don't know when these stupid people will finally fix their traffic problem at irctc site. I had to wait atleast 20 minutes before I could properly login on to their website. Gosh, it was as too late as suspected! I ended up getting a Waiting List 9 ticket. :(
Upto the evening of 27th, the ticket status was 7 WL. Mani-Bapi wanted me to take the next day's flight and come back to Calcutta as soon as possible. And I too wasn't too sure whether that tatkal ticket would be confirmed or not. Finally has to shell out another whooping 8k to get a ticket for next day's flight. This time Bapi had bought the ticket. This meant he made sure that I couldn't make one more mistake for the 4th time in the row, atleast for the time being!

Finally, it was 28th. And I took the boring Jet Airways flight via Mumbai to finally reach Kolkata. This flight normally offers 25kg for check-in luggage. I had 37kg of it. They allowed it anyway. After reaching Calcutta airport, I had to wait 20 minutes at the long queue to get a pre-paid taxi slip. Finally when I had it, I took my two luggages and the backpack handbag with me, and boarded the taxi. It was almost 10:40 PM then. The taxi finally reached in front of our flat gate at about 11PM. I took my backpack with me, and went outside the door to get the rest of my luggages from the back of the back of the car. But the driver had something else in his mind. When I had only went a single step out toward the back of the car, the driver sped off. He simply decided to flee. The taxi door wasn't even closed and he was speeding away. I shouted back, but only in vain. Then I thought about chasing the taxi. But I couldn't find much of some transport at that hour to chase him at that moment. So, I began to run after it. It didn't help much, coz soon after, I realized that it was already too far away to be caught by foot alone. By this time, I had already made it to the front of Amherst Street Police Station. I ran straight inside and told them what had happened. As I should have known, but forgetting at that moment of instance, they were simple too lazy and reluctant to do anything useful. They did take an official FIR, but didn't seem to do nothing about it. As it was a pre-paid taxi, I had the customer's copy of the taxi slip. Even with the number of the taxi present on it, they talked and walked lazily around this whole incident. I had called up Bapi by then, and he was there. I had also called up Arnab and told him about the whole incident. He had talked with his father, and told me to also call 100 let them know about this incident. The call to 100 and then subsequently to the number referred to by them was totally useless. I wonder why they even keep such helpline, even when they are least interested to help. I finally returned to my home at 12 midnight, and of course without my luggage. I only had my hand luggage with me. Hadn't I put my important things like laptop, hard disk, and all my original documents in it, I would have been doomed. I was feeling very bad, having lost my luggage to that stupid taxi driver. The next day, i.e. 29th morning, Bapi finally got one call through to pre-paid taxi association. He told them the entire drama which had taken place last night. They promised to call as soon as they will find something. By this time, what we came to know from the Police Station was that, the actual owner of the car had already sold the car to some unknown person, and they were still trying to figure out who it was. And they didn't even seem to have any documentation about this new owner. To me, it was useless information. I really wonder whether this entire information was even true or not. Anyway, the taxi-association had finally called up themselves after some time, and told us to come to the airport as soon as possible. So, I and my father finally went there. We had forgot to take the key for my suitcase, in the hurry. Finally, when we went there, we found both of my bag with them. They already had their story ready for us, about how the driver had forgot about the luggage, and dropping them off with them the very last night. I didn't believe it anyway. Just when we were about to load the luggage back in the back of our car, I realized that the official security check seal of the airport securities in one of the luggages were already broken. Finally, we forced open the luggage with some other key. I found that some of the items of the luggage were clearly misplaced. I ran a quick check for a few items, and found that they were not stolen. Someone had opened the luggage, but perhaps he didn't like the contents of it, so had probably placed them back there. Atleast, I got my luggages back.

Too much action is happening for the last few days. I hope that they stop being so eventful for now. Atleast the bad things.

Even as these eventful things kept happening, I realized that sometimes some good things can make you feel so right up. Things as simple as a simple scrap can be so good sometimes. :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Result for Internship at Srijan Technologies

Thursday, 12th November 2009 - 7:40 AM
The list of students selected for Srijan Technologies, Delhi, finally came yesterday. As expected, I finally got selected for it. :)

The interviews were taken on 31st October at the venue of Drupal Sprint 2009, Bhaskaracharya Pratishthan, Pune. And that is where Ashish had found them.

Initially they were expected to take 2-3 people. But, after taking the interviews, the Project Manager wanted to take more students. That made him talk with his MD, and thus this delay in declaring the results.

Finally, 3 students were selected.
We are offered a stipend of Rs. 11000/= per month for the 6 months of internship period.
After that we may get recruitment by them only, based on our performance and their business requirements.

As far as I know, all three of us have accepted this offer. So, I guess this makes us "Not Eligible" to sit for further placement activities provided by the college! :(