Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Diwali Trip to Calcutta Coming to an End

Wednesday, 21rd October 2009 - 12:26 AM
This trip is turning out be very different than the rest. This time, I met with most of my friends, except only a few who couldn't turn up, or didn't get the time to meet. Staying in this new rented flat of ours, in itself is quite a different experience. And the feeling that this is not my home makes thing even worse. It's like "being at home, without feeling the same".

Till now, I had only a single chance to see my old home, 27 RNC, and that too from quite a distance. At first it seemed like, "how come the house behind, came forward in place of our home!".

This year, I had my second visit to Mamdadu-r Bari to witness Kali Pujo. Last year I had missed it, as I was in Pune then.

Infact, this year's Bhai Phonta was also pretty different. I witnessed it in a totally different environment, and the old memories of this event kept on creeping in.

The funniest part. The most prestigious Kali Pujo's of Calcutta was now at out door's step. But, I couldn't even make up my mind, whether I like it or not! Something funny is happening currently!

Diwali Vacation 2009

Wednesday, 15rd October 2009 - 1:11 AM
Reached Calcutta a little more than 27 hours ago.

This little visit wasn't actually planned in advance. On 12th noon I suddenly felt like going to Calcutta for the Diwali vacations. I just bought a flight ticket on 12th for the 13th and here I was in Calcutta. Actually, I wanted to come down to Calcutta the very moment I thought of it. I was so much into the "hurry-hurry-hurry" mode that time, that I hadn't even realized the present date and bought the ticket for the next day, instead of the actually intended one.
Mah god, what a blunder it was!!! It was so embarassing, because it was only after trvelling 10 mins towards airport, I had realized what I had done.

I wanted to come to Calcutta so badly. Exactly why I wanted to come so badly, I don't even know it myself, but perhaps the boredom was getting into me. I was so happy to even think of getting back to Calcutta, even if it was only for a week. The delay caused due to my mistake of getting ticket for the wrong date was simply too "boring". And the time spent sitting on plane seat was really tooooo long. And specially when the plane was crawling though the runways at Mumbai airport, I wondered whether this was largest the airport in the world or not!

Finally I got to Calcutta. I took my huge red trolly and had to stand in the long queue to get the pre-paid taxi, to get to my "new home". I was so happy until then. I was there back in Calcutta. But now that I was there, I felt like I have left something in Pune. I never felt like, I will miss anything from Pune. But now I really missed Pune. I really missed her. I never liked anything much about Pune. Suddenly I was starting to like Pune. I knocked my head twice with my hand, and said to myself "I am stupid, I am crazy!!".

The Sweetest Dream

Wednesday, 23rd September 2009 - 8:44 AM
Today, I had one of the sweetest dream of my life.

I normally have a very bad experience when it comes to remembering things, and specially even worse when it comes to the very word 'dream'.

But, today's was something special. I knew it the first moment I realized it. If I ask myself, "How do I know it?", then I would say, "It was the very warmth of happiness which seemed to fill my heart and make it feel lighter than ever.". In short I can say that it made me feel special from the inside, and I just knew that it really was.

Initially after I woke up, all I found myself doing was trying to go back to where I just came from. I didn't seem to know anything else at that moment of time.

The Dream Itself:

(I can't remember how it started, or how it ended. This consists of only bits and pieces of what I can remember.)

She had come to my home. From what it seemed, it was the first time that she was there. The only faces I remember from the dream are: Mani, Bapi, Hers, and Myself (I'm not too sure whether I saw the dream as a first-person or a third-person's point of view. But most proabably the prior one.)

We were talking to each other, and we yes we had talked. I don't remember what language we were talking in, but I do remember that a few times when I talked in Bengali, and she had really understood some of the words from them, and I was really impressed!
Our conversation must have been pretty much like one daily has, because I can't seem to remember a single one of them.

I remember one single incident, and it involved fighting over choosing which chappal to give her to wear. It wasn't really any sort of fight, but yes, choosing the chappal was really difficult!
It was Dada's chappal which was finally chosen for her.
[Now that I remember this, I wonder how her tiny little feet would have managed in those loosly-fitted chappals]

There was one thing about her that I saw, which she doesn't really have. I can clearly remember that she had very long hair, almost half the way down to her knees from the waist. Now that I remember, I myself do realize that even I had paused for a moment then, seeing that oddity.

We had talk with each other in the all time famous and most popular place in the world, our good old Barandah. The only other place I remember from the dream is Thamma's room, where too we were chatting on. If I am not much mistaken, then I think, it was that room in our home, where she was supposed to stay, because I think I may have seen her luggages and belongings there.

She was really a sweety to chat with, and she never let me feel any whatsoever discomfort while talking with each other. She was just as if a person so close that you can ever ask for. She was like, family.

Now that I am fully awake and still trying to recollect and reconstruct the things I could remember, I realize one more thing. She was there at my home at 27 RNC. I have my spent almost 21 years of my life there, and it has got so many things in my life attached to it, that I can heardly believe that it won't be there when I'll return.
Its like, believing that perhaps its still there, and when I return it will again come back for me, as if it was never gone.

I wish, some wishes and dreams could come true!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Coming Soon

This is going to be my proper blog.